RESERVATIONS FOR BOARDING or GROOMING – please call our kennel at 603.622.9684 for all reservations and questions. Phone call is the best way to make sure that we have all information and updated vaccinations we need. Emails often miss lots of details so lets talk over the phone to ensure that everything is all set for your pet to arrive 🙂 Please make sure to reserve your spot early for all Holidays and summer time.

RESERVATIONS FOR DAYCARE – Once we have you registered in our system with all required vaccinations you don’t need to make reservation. You can come any day you choose with no advance notice. Please always update vaccination records after your Vet visit.

CHECK-IN PROCESS – check-in process is very easy and it only takes few minutes depending on your dogs needs. ( It is always recommended though to plan for extra time to be safe for your travels.) We’ll ask you what kind of activities you would like to add for your doggy while boarding. (check our boarding activities page), what kind of food your dog requires or prefers, and if there is any medication administration needed. Make sure to always inform us about any health conditions or behavioral issues. We want to make sure we give your pet the best care possible and make them as comfortable as when they are staying home.


  • VACCINATION RECORDS (if faxed ahead of time – please check back if they were received) We require Rabies/ Distemper and Bordetella for dogs and Rabies/ Distemper for cats. All Vaccination records must come from accredited Vets.
  • FOOD – if you prefer keeping your pet on their diet – please bring only the amount of food they will need for the length of stay or little extra just in case you pick up later. Please Ziploc all food per meal per day per dog so we can serve it exactly as they need (We also offer variety of different flavors and brands of food (dry, wet, semi-wet) free of charge if preferred. We select food brand and flavor based on your dog’s home food.)
  • TOYS – you are more than welcome to bring toys! We prefer not taking toys too small or stuffed toys with squeakers. They often are taken out by a dog and eaten. Kongs and nylas are the most recommended to keep your doggies busy. Cats love to have their toys too and we have a variety of toys to keep them busy playing as well.
  • BLANKETS – we have piles of blankies for all dogs! You are welcome to bring your own but please beware that we can have them in washers when you come to pick up and may not be able to give it back at the moment.
  • MEDICATION – we administrate medication as prescribed by your Vet as often as needed. There is a $1/ day fee for medication. $2 per insulin injection. You can bring the whole pill bottle or just the amount of pills needed for the length of stay with proper description and labeling. You can bring pill pockets, treats or anything what will help your pet “enjoy” their medication better 🙂

CHECK-OUT PROCESS – check out process is as easy as it gets. You ask for you pet, we will go over all charges for activities and services you requested and we will bring your pet to you within minutes. Only Holidays check-ins and check-outs may take longer so please plan accordingly.


OUR KENNELS – Every dog has their own kennel unless they are from the same family and prefer staying together in the same kennel. They can be side by side if it would be safer for them for feeding needs or behavioral or comfort reasons. They can see each other all day long, they are separated by a chain link fence only. We offer twice as large kennels for family dogs or large breeds. Our single kennels are plenty big for shepherd size dogs to move around and be comfortable. All dogs have their own cozy elevated Kuranda bed with plenty of blankets as needed. All kennels are heated 24/7 in colder months. In summer months we provide multiple floor and ceiling fan systems to keep everyone cool and comfy.

FACILITY TOURING – Anyone is welcome to tour our facility Mo-Sat between 10AM and 4PM except busy holidays. Our facility is always as clean as possible and we proudly show you our place with no reservation.

WHAT ARE MY DOGS DOING WHILE BOARDING? – All dogs go in their outside runs right away in the morning while we disinfect their inside kennels, clean their bedding and water dishes. Once they are back inside we serve their breakfast and disinfect their outside runs. That gives them time to settle after their meal before they go for their first activity. We have a selection of exercises to choose from in small or large groups or just one on one with a supervising person. Depending on their activities they either play all day or few times a day. They always come back to their kennels for 4pm so they have time to settle for their dinner time. We typically feed 2x/day. Puppies are often fed 3x/ day and special diet dogs as often as needed. All dogs have one more outside run time right before we close so they are all set for the night.

WHAT ARE MY CATS DOING WHILE BOARDING? – All kitties have their own condos unless they are from the same family and are 100% safe boarded together when not supervised. Their condos are disinfected first thing in the morning. They get clean bedding, fresh water and first meal of the day. This time they get to go outside of their condos to roam around the room and play with assigned person. We don’t mix cats from other families. In the afternoon we clean their condos again as needed, give fresh water and serve dinner. They can roam the room again as desired. It is very normal for some kitties to be grouchy when taken to a different environment but we try our best to get them comfortable and familiar with their new place as fast as possible. Often it just takes little love to make them happy 🙂

AGE RESTRICTION – Kittens and puppies must be at least 8 weeks old and have at least the second boost of Distemper for Vaccines. Kennel Cough and Rabies may be given later on based on your Vets decision.

AGGRESSIVE DOGS BOARDING – It’s not a problem if your dog doesn’t like other dogs. They will still get all the love and interaction with people and all the activities they are signed up for separately from other dogs. If your dog is aggressive towards people – we can have them boarded with no interaction. Their kennels will still be disinfected daily and they will get fresh water and their meals and all the care like all other dogs. If we can’t manipulate them at all, they will only roam from their inside to outside runs.

POWER OUTAGE – We have plenty of generators to replace regular power when needed so your pets stay warm and comfortable